Week 5!!!

Shorter episode this week, been busy getting ready for Christmas and also with Christmas gatherings. Played some fun games this week including Scotland Yard, The Game of 49, Guillotine, Diamonds and Tajemnicze Domostwo. Nice range of games for us.

Talk a bit about the 10×10 Challenge and how I feel about it looking back after a year and whether I want to try it again next year. Also going to try to finish the statistics for it in the coming months and also announce the Geek Gold winner of the writing contest for the Challenge.

I tried to get Kerensa to join me tonight but she was too tired, and you’ll hear that in this episode. I am hoping at the beginning of the year I’ll be confident and knowledgeable enough to actually edit this podcast instead of making it one long random stream of thought, but until then, your stuck with my babbling.

Thank you all for everything, I forgot to mention it at the beginning of the podcast but last week’s Anticipated Games cast went beyond my dreams, LibSyn reported 229 downloads of last week’s episode. I know that can be a bit skewed, but still it felt fantastic to see that many people listening! So thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas week! Hope we all get to have fun with our families and friends.

I’ll be back next week!!


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